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Monthly Legal Support.

As a fast-growing business, you’re entering contracts and making strategic decisions all the time. You have a clear idea of the strategic direction of the business. But you may not have an in-house legal team to navigate the regulatory framework and advise you on the contracts you’re entering.

That’s where outsourced general counsel steps in.

You don’t rack up fees with external lawyers who charge you by the hour and advise you in the abstract. Instead, you get the certainty of a fixed legal spend every month, and a lawyer who integrates into your business and understands your long term goals. We’re on hand to act as a sounding board when you need us. You receive legal advice that understands your ambitions, at a price that supports your business operations.

What you can expect from us.

Onboarding Meeting

We start by getting to know your business and finding out how we can add value.

Tell us about your objectives and why you need us at this stage of your business.

Monthly Catch Ups

You let us know how the relationship works best for you. We can arrange monthly catch-ups or join your team calls and meetings if that’s helpful.

Get in touch when you need us

We work around you. You have unlimited hours of ad hoc legal advice and strategic input (fair usage applies of course)

Flat fee every month

No surprises. You pay the same fee every month so you can budget with certainty.

The benefits.

Informed Strategic Advice

We’re here for the long haul so we get to know your business – the challenges you face, the hot topics in your industry, your long term goals.

You get advice that steers your business towards your objectives. Not just the ‘right’ legal answer.

Quick answers to day-to-day questions

Pick up the phone for a quick sense check. You get priority access to your dedicated general counsel, so you don’t have to wait for answers to those ad hoc questions.

Expert Risk Navigation

With years of experience, we spot the hardest things to see – the omissions.

Bounce your ideas off us and we let you know if there’s a risk you haven’t considered.

An Extension of Your Team

Consider us your in-house legal team. We can join calls and meetings with you, review your contracts, and help your business run smoothly.

Control Your Legal Spend

No surprise bills from lawyers charging by the hour. Use the service as much as you need to and always pay a flat fee.

Our Fees.

Our aim is to help you cultivate certainty in your business, and that extends to the way we charge for our services. When you instruct us, you get certainty from the outset.

Fixed Fees.

Once we have an idea of the support you need within your business we will come up with a package that's suitable for you. 

Just to give you an idea, prices start from £4,999 + VAT per annum for 40 hours of legal advice. If you need more than that, just talk to us. You can buy more as and when you need them.  

The service doesn’t cover any legal advice that might fall into the specialist bracket or be considered an unusual event such as disputes, employment tribunals or corporate transactions. Anything like this would be for an additional fee. 

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