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Your business is our business.

We provide a holistic service to support you with your commercial contracts. We review and analyse your existing agreements, identifying any omissions or potential areas of risk. And where you need brand new agreements, we draft them for you and negotiate the terms with the other side (where appropriate).

You probably can’t eliminate all the risks that your business faces when it enters into a contract. And some risks are worth accepting in return for a favourable trade-off in other terms. We help you think through all the implications, decide which risks to take and which to avoid, and how to position your business to mitigate against the risks you’ve accepted.

With our commercial solicitors on your team, you can have confidence that the building blocks of your business are secure. You’ll know how to control and manage potential risk areas and you have peace of mind that your paramount business interests are well-protected.

What to expect.

What do you get?

We will review, draft, negotiate or renegotiate your commercial agreements. Whatever makes the most sense to give you and your business the protection it needs. 

How much will it cost?

That kinda depends. We will always quote you a fixed fee and our fees typically start from £750 + VAT. 

The benefits.

Informed Commercial Advice

We’re here for the long haul so we get to know your business – the challenges you face, the hot topics in your industry, your long term goals.

You get advice that steers your business towards your objectives. Not just the ‘right’ legal answer.

Quick answers to day-to-day questions

Pick up the phone for a quick sense check. You get priority access to your dedicated general counsel, so you don’t have to wait for answers to those ad hoc questions.

Expert Risk Navigation

With years of experience, we spot the hardest things to see – the omissions.

Bounce your ideas off us and we let you know if there’s a risk you haven’t considered.

Control Your Legal Spend

No surprise bills from lawyers charging by the hour. Use the service as much as you need to and always pay a flat fee.

Tall Buildings

Your Investment.

Our aim is to help you cultivate certainty in your business, and that extends to the way we charge for our services. When you instruct us, you get certainty from the outset.

Fixed Fees

We love certainty, just like you. So once we have an idea of the size and complexity of the task, we will provide you with a fixed fee quote for your commercial work. 

No hidden charges. 

No surprises. 

Just certainty, clarity and peace of mind. 

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