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Dispute Resolution.

Disagreements invariably crop up in the course of business. There are some disagreements you resolve amicably with a conversation and compromise. But sometimes you’ll find yourself in a frustrating dispute that’s reached deadlock. Nobody agrees on a sensible way forward. The other side’s demands are unreasonable. Communication has broken down.

That’s when you need an objective analysis of the merits of your legal position, and a strategy for achieving an acceptable resolution.

We’ll navigate your dispute with decisive action that doesn’t spiral legal costs. We don’t spend time writing expensive wordy letters, when a phone call is more productive. And we don’t go to court, unless we really have to.

Our strategy for resolving your dispute will be unique to your facts. If it’s appropriate we’ll look at arbitration, expert determination, well-timed settlement discussions, mediation, and court action if necessary.

What You Can Expect From Us.


It all starts with a friendly chat. There’s no charge for this and we usually spend 30 minutes finding out about your situation and whether we’re a good fit for you. We’ll discuss your objectives and what you hope to achieve.


If it is clear that we can work together, we dig into the detail of your matter on a scoping call. We get to grips with exactly what you need, and the value we can bring. Once we have established the key information, we provide you with a quote, set out what we will do for you and give you an idea of the investment required from you. 


You will receive an Engagement Letter for you to read, check, sign and return to us. This confirms key details like the scope of your matter and our fees.


Then it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of your dispute. We look at the evidence you have provided us with, which may be contracts, emails, notes of meetings and phone calls. With these documents, we will form an initial view of the legal merits of your case.


When your head’s spinning with the stress of a dispute, it can be difficult to see a clear path forward. With our objective point of view, and legal know-how, we devise a strategy for you.


Dispute resolution kicks off in earnest when we communicate with the other side. Depending on the circumstances of your dispute, this may be an initial phone call to the other side to scope out their point of view. It’s usually necessary to write a formal letter, which sets out the details of your claim, or your defence.


Our aim is to alleviate your stress, and we know that long silences only increase anxiety. We make it our priority to keep you appraised so you feel in control, and aware of what’s going on.

Our Services.

The types of disputes we resolve for business owners are:

Partnership disputes

Civil fraud

Enforcement of personal guarantees

Your Investment.

Disputes are frustrating enough, without throwing good money after bad. We’re transparent with our fees so you don’t get a nasty legal bill you weren’t expecting. Once we’ve had a chance to analyse your case, we’ll give you a clear outline of fees for each stage of the process.


Once we have an idea of the size and complexity of your case, if possible we will provide you with a fixed fee quote. Contrary to popular belief, we firmly believe that in certain circumstances, it is possible to fix fees for disputes. 


If we can't offer fixed fees for any reason, we may be able to offer capped fees. You have peace of mind that you’re not racking up exorbitant fees unaware of what the final bill wll be.

We like to offer payment plans too so that you can spread the cost of your legal dispute over several months. We hate surprise legal bills as much as you do! 

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