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Disagreements invariably crop up in the course of business. There are some disagreements you resolve amicably with a conversation and compromise. But sometimes you’ll find yourself in a frustrating dispute that’s reached deadlock. Nobody agrees on a sensible way forward. The other side’s demands are unreasonable. Communication has broken down.

That’s when you need an objective analysis of the merits of your legal position, and a strategy for achieving an acceptable resolution.

We’ll navigate your dispute with decisive action that doesn’t spiral legal costs. We don’t spend time writing expensive wordy letters, when a phone call is more productive. And we don’t go to court, unless we really have to.

Our strategy for resolving your dispute will be unique to your facts. 

Lease Renewals
Option Agreement Disputes
Dilapidations Claims
Overage Agreement disputes 
Adverse possession claims
Right of way/easement dsputes 
Enforcement of restrictive covenants
& more


We explain your options, together with the potential risks and outcomes of each decision. That’s it. No fancy legalese.


We don’t write a long waffly letters and we don’t write letters at all where a phone call works better. Being pragmatic means we resolve disputes quickly, without accumulating unnecessary costs.


We are assertive but not aggressive. We find our reasonable approach takes the heat out of the dispute, and helps us find a sensible resolution. 


We’re mindful of the impact that the dispute can have on you personally, and on your business. We’re also aware that our conduct can impact your relationship with the other side. We try to preserve relationships as best we can during the dispute resolution process.

Our Approach.

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Key Contact.

Gareth-Lee Smith is a qualified barrister, authorised to conduct litigation. He has extensive experience in handling all types of property litigation matters. Having direct advocacy experience means that he has direct knowledge of how the court's approach property litigation matters, what works and what doesn't. He is well equipped to support you through your dispute. 

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